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Paint Protection Film - Price starting at:

Paint Protection Film - Price starting at:

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 Why Choose PPF?

1. Easy to clean

To keep your paint looking "fresh off the line" gorgeous takes a lot of effort and time. Paint protection makes it easy to clean your car because it repels water, dust, and road debris.

Want to take your painted surface's paint protection to the next level? Combine the PPF with a ceramic coating to get the best of both worlds.

2. Protects from fading

One of the most common problems encountered by car owners is fading. Paint protection film has a unique chemical property that makes it resistant to UV radiation, protecting the paint on your vehicle.

3. Improve your car's resale value

PPF keeps your vehicle's luster and cuts down on exterior maintenance time. PPF, also known as a "clear bra," protects your paint from scratches, swirl marks and other environmental damage such as rock chips.

4. Protection from chemical reaction

Paint damage caused by acid rain, tree sap, washing soap, and bird droppings. These chemicals eat away at your paint, exposing the bare metal to the elements.

5. Scratch-resistant protection

Road debris, loose branches, and car washes can all easily scratch your vehicle. These self-healing protective films eliminate minor scratches and provide the best protection. The sun's heat or pouring warm water activates the self-healing property. Preventive measures are less expensive and more effective than removing these paint blemishes from cars.

6. Easy to remove

Over time, the protection film gets destroyed and needs either repair or replacement.  Taking off a paint protection film is similar to taking off tinted windows, as the film does not chemically bond with the paint on the vehicle. 

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